Form Features

The features which can be built into any form cover so many things our list below doesn't give it justice, but we have to start somewhere. Also, part of the subscription build these features can be selected in your forms builds, but don’t worry we will guild you though the process as we build your form. Just remember to select those which you feel would be of the most benefit

Visitor Tracking

Right-To-Left Support

Responsive Forms


Ratings Fields

Progress Bars

Online Payment

Multi-Step Forms

Migrate Forms

Run JavaScript

Run WordPress Hooks

Save Progress

Template Library




Server-Side Validation

Send Emails

Select2 Dropdowns

Section Library

Layout Editor

If …Endif


Data Sources

Data Encryption

Customize Appearance

Conversion Tracking

Conversational Forms

Conditional Logic

Cascading Fields


Debug Console


Dynamic Variables

High Performance

GDPR Compliant

Fully Responsive

Form Scheduling

Floating Field Labels

File Uploads

Email Validation


Accessibility Friendly

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